Notional Internal Precision


Notional's internal balance precision is 8 decimals. For example, here is a non-exhaustive list of balance related variables with 1e8 precision:

  • User Prime Cash and Prime Debt balances

  • User nToken balances

  • User fCash balances

  • nToken liquidity token balances

  • User Vault Share Balances

  • User Free Collateral balances

  • fCash markets total Prime Cash and total fCash balances

  • Prime Cash totalUnderlyingSupply balances

  • maxUnderlyingSupply parameters

  • Leveraged Vaults minAccountBorrowSize parameters


Notional's internal rate precision is 9 decimals. For example, here is a non-exhaustive list of rates related variables with 1e9 precision:

  • fCashOracleRates

  • fCashLastImpliedRates

  • oracleSupplyRate

  • Leveraged Vaults minCollateralRatio, maxRequiredAccountCollateralRatio, maxDeleverageCollateralRatio, liquidationRate, and feeRate parameters


Prime Cash scalars are 1e18 precision. For example, the precision of the following variables is 1e18:

  • debtScalar

  • supplyScalar

  • underlyingScalar

Prime factors

The Prime Cash debtFactorand supplyFactor precision is 1e36.

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