Enter Leveraged Vaults

Enter Leveraged Vault

Notional users can use the enterVault method to initiate or update a vault position:

def get_deposit_params(minPoolClaim=0, trade=bytes()):
    return eth_abi.encode_abi(
        ['(uint256, bytes)'],
        [[minPoolClaim, trade]]

depositParams = get_deposit_params()

# Enter a vault by depositing 10 USDC, borrowing 20 fUSDC from Notional in the December 18, 2023 (1702944000) maturity with a max borrow interest rate limit of 5%.
notional.enterVault(account.address, vaultAddress, 10e6, 1702944000, 25e8, 0.05 * 1e9, depositParams, {'from':account})

A user can enter a vault at a specific leverage ratio by selecting the amount of Prime Cash he borrows and the deposit amount.

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