Product Guides

Earn Yield

Notional offers three products to help you earn yield: fixed rate lending, providing liquidity, and leveraged vaults.

  • Fixed rate lending: Lock in a fixed rate of interest on your crypto until maturity for a small upfront fee. You can redeem when you want, but you will pay a fee if you exit before maturity.

  • Providing liquidity: Earn fees, interest and NOTE incentives on your crypto. This is a great option to earn NOTE and it is redeemable at any time. But it can also have a small amount of impermanent loss.

  • Leveraged vaults: Maximize your returns using leverage. This product gives you one-click access to highly leveraged DeFi yield strategies. Leveraged vault returns can be very high, but they are also risky.

Borrow Against Your Crypto at a Fixed Rate

Decide what collateral you want to borrow against and fix your borrowing rate until maturity so you don't have to worry about spiking borrowing costs.