Account Structure

Every account in the Notional system has a cash balance, fCash balances, and liquidity token balances for each supported currency type. An account's fCash balances and liquidity token balances for a given currency type are broken out by the maturities that are supported for that currency type.


An account’s cash balance reflects how much currency (DAI, USDC, ETH .. ) that account has access to.


fCash converts to cash upon maturity. Every currency type on Notional has a set of active maturities, and every account will have an fCash balance on each of those maturities.

Liquidity Tokens

Liquidity tokens represent a claim on the assets that sit in the liquidity pool at a given maturity. Liquidity tokens can be decomposed into a claim on cash and fCash.

Example Account

Account Structure Per Currency

Currency: DAI Cash: 0

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