Notional V2

User Tutorials

How To Enter Vault

In the top menu bar click on the “Invest and Earn” menu, and select leveraged vaults from the dropdown.
Click "Deposit" on the vault you want to initiate a position in.

Connect Wallet

Click “Connect a Wallet” in the upper right corner to connect your MetaMask or other crypto wallet - you can also use the Goerli Testnet.

Choose your Parameters

In the right-hand bar, choose your preferred maturity date and enter the amount you’d like to deposit. You’ll see a vault minimum initial deposit amount as well as a minimum borrow size that must be met by selecting the desired amount of leverage with the slider.
Click “confirm and submit trade” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Historical Performance and Return Drivers

You can also see the historical performance of the strategy, as well as the return drivers on the page. As you move the leverage slider, the chart will show the historical performance of the strategy in the bold line, with the dotted line representing the returns with leverage. Note this is not an indication of future performance, but does accurately calculate the historical returns while accounting for the borrowing rates available at various maturities today.


Once you’ve entered the vault, you’ll find all the information on it in the portfolio overview page. Click on “Portfolio” then “Leveraged Vaults” and you’ll also see buttons here to increase or deleverage your position.